Monday, July 28, 2008

Make Money Now!!!!!!!

How to be making a steady N150, 000.00 every month as an online freelance advertising foreign company’s products or services on Nigeria Newspaper

Who is a freelance Advertising Agent?

A freelance Advertising agent is a person that acts between a company and an advertising media. His job is to select an advertising media for a company that wants to advertise her product to her target audience or general audience. He will not only select this media, he is also to formulate or design how the advert will look like on selected Advertising media, be it on newspaper, electronic mediums (Television, radio) Internet etc.

How to make money as an advertising agent advertising foreign companies products or service on Nigeria.


With the advent of the Internet, the world have become a global village, companies all over the world are looking for ways to market and sell their products internationally you can be making at least N150,000 every month advertising foreign companies’ products and services on Nigerian advertising mediums like Newspapers, Radio programs, Television or a local website that so many Nigerians are visiting, but how?

There are millions of foreign companies with robust presence on the Internet that are looking for publicity. They are constantly seeking for ways to make their services exposed known to the whole wide world. Your job will be to meet as many foreign companies who you think Nigerians can patronize/buy their products and propose to them on advertising their product and or services on a Newspaper in Nigeria.

You are going to become an advertising agent between a foreign company that wants to advertise her product or services on Nigeria Newspaper and the Newspaper company that you want to place the advert on.
How to become an advertising agent for foreign companies
To become an advertising agent to any foreign company you to take steps.


Find out the advertising rates or fee of all National Newspaper in Nigeria -
You will have to research and know the current price of advertisement for all newspapers. You will have to know how much The Punch newspaper, Guardian and Financial Standard etc. are charging for a quarter, half and full page advert plus other small space adverts


You must create a website for your self where foreign companies will get to know you and services –
You only need N10,000 to create this kind of website.

On this website, you have to place your picture on it. The is the benefit of the service you are rending, that is the benefit of advertising on Nigeria Newspapers, your charges and company, the process they will go through before you can help them to advertise on a Nigerian newspaper.

Step 2

This is the most important step you must take towards becoming an advertising agent to a foreign company/companies because your website is the marketing tool through which you will make yourself and your services known to the whole would (to design your website call Ifeanyi on 08033038388)


You must open a domiciliary Account in the name of your company –
in other words you must have a registered business name before you can start this business, it will only cost you N5,000 to register your company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria at no 11 Billings way street oregun Lagos however.

For more details on how you can open a domiciliary account with any bank almost free call 08033038388 or 08057831600


Once you have your own website as described earlier, it is time to start marketing your small company and business as a freelance advertising agent to all foreign companies that you can think can advertise their products and or services on Nigerian Newspaper.
In case you don’t know what type of foreign company can advertise, let me open your mind by showing some type of foreign businesses that can be advertised on Nigeria Newspaper.

(1)Website that sells business information
(2) Website that sells phone and accessories
(3) Website that sells real Estate Website
(4) Website that sells books

Websites that sells software

In short any website that sells product, service or ideas that can be easily downloaded or imported to Nigeria. Books can be imported through DHL, the same thing with phones, softwares and eBooks can be downloaded.

You have to make a research through goggle to search for business or foreign companies that you think have products and or services that can be advertised on Nigeria Newspaper. There are thousands of foreign companies on that Internet that will want their products and or services advertised to Nigerians, the largest market in Africa


In any business that you find yourself or willing to do, your ability to market your services or products to your target audience is the key to business success.

“You must make your business known through aggressive and convincing marketing strategies”

To convince foreign companies to advertise their product on Nigeria Newspapers you must take the following steps


Search, identify and write down the email addresses and phone numbers of foreign companies that you think can have their products or services advertised on Nigeria Newspaper.


Write a proposal to them, telling them they can make a lot of money by helping them to advertise their products and or services on Nigeria Newspaper.
In this proposal you are going to mention the economic benefits they will get by advertising their business to Nigerians, Nigeria a country of 140 million people population in case you don’t know how to such proposal call lfeanyi on 08033038388 he will help you to write such business proposal.

On the business proposal, you will put your website address and all other contact details and ask your proposed foreign companies to visit your website so that they can know wore about you, that’s why you have to call Ifeanyi on 08033038388 so that he can help you design a good and convincing website you with just N10,000.

The more you market you business to your target audience, the more you will get foreign companies that will be interested in your offer and be willing to take the risk to try you out.

For you get 20 foreign companies that you will be advertising every month, you have to market to at least hundreds of companies in a month. If you are truly serious about this business you can search for 500 companies within 3days and also propose to all of them in 2 days making 5 working days. All you have you do is to check your e-mail everyday for response and charge your phone 24hrs a day for any call that might come in.

If you market and propose to at least 500 foreign companies based on my experience you will get response from at least 20 foreign companies who will be interested in your offer and eventually do business with you.

“You see, making money is about numbers, the higher the number of foreign companies you propose to, the more you will see foreign companies who will be interested in your proposal”


By standards and by law you are to collect 10% parent of the total cost of advertisement you placed for any company.

Let as assume you want to place an advert that cost N50,000 for a foreign company, then the bill you are going to charge them is N55,000. The N5,000 is your own gain. Therefore, for every business you do for any foreign company you are entitled by law and standard to 10% percent of that cost of advertisement as your service charge which is your profit.
That is why you have to find out more about current advertising rate of major national newspapers companies in Nigeria.


Let us assume that from your vigorous and non-stop marketing you are able to get 20 companies that wants to advertise on Nigerian newspaper at N55,000 which is about $400 (price at the prevailing exchange rate as the time of this business manual) which they can easily afford.

For getting 20 foreign companies that wants to advertise means you are going to make

N5,000 x 20
= N100,000 from all those company in a month.
Less N20,000 for browsing and international phone calls
That leaves a balance of N80,000 net profit,

Isn’t that a cool deal?

However, for you to get such to foreign companies every month you have to market, market and market your business. “Marketing is the key if you must succeed in this business”


“For you to be making 20 percent net profit on any rate of advertisement you place for any foreign company means you have to propose to at all major newspaper company in Nigeria that you wish to be bringing business for their of which you will be given 10% on any business you bring”

You are going to propose to the marketing manager of such newspaper companies or electronic media companies they will definitely accept and approve your proposal because they know you want to make money for them.

To write such proposal call Ifeanyi on 08033038388.

Using this approach means you will be making N5,000 from these foreign companies and you will also be making another N5,000 from the newspaper companies or electronic media companies totaling N10,000.00 and if you can find 20 companies every month that is N200,000.00 net profit for you isn’t this a deal worth working on?


All your negotiation with these foreign companies will almost all the time be via email of your website.
You are going to cost the entire advertising rate in your proposal which is why you have to call ifeanyi on 08033038388 or so that he can put you through


Making money from this kind of Internet/online business is real it’s just that the business is not yet common in Nigeria but very common in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
If foreign companies can be advertising on newspapers and on electronic media in South Africa and Zimbabwe that are not as populous as Nigeria, a country of 140 million people, then why cant you provide that service which I can tell you will be highly welcomed by these companies.

You have almost nothing to loose, why? you need just N10,000 – N15,000 to start this business. Why not take the initiative, break the inertia and start this business. It’s yours for taking.

You should be informed that we are living in an information age where crazy, off-the-board; out-of-this-world ideas work.

Moreover, the world is now a global village; business transaction can no longer be restricted to borders and by borders. Thank God for the Internet

The Internet remains the only tool an average person man can make use of to leverage himself to become a millionaire within a few month investing little or no capital.

There is money on the Internet. You can become a millionaire within 6 months as a freelance advertising agent that specializes in advertising foreign companies on Nigeria newspapers or electronic media.

Start this business now and start making cool money, you don’t have to get an Internet access, you can be operating from any cyber cafe.
For more informations on how to make real money , please call Paul Obalonye on 08057831600, 08033038388.